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Quality irrigated hay

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  Growers & suppliers of all your fodder / hay needs and distributor for 'Advantage Feeders' 

 Emerald Hay is a family owned business producing irrigated lucerne hay, barley hay, rhodes grass and lablab hay suitable for horse feed, cattle feed, goats, sheep and camels. Emerald Hay also cater for the home garden and mine rehabilitation projects with a range of mulch hay and straw available. Emerald Hay makes the lucerne, barley, lab lab, rhodes grass hay into both small square & large square (3x3x8) bales as well as round bales (4' x 4' ) . 

 Emerald Hay is located on the Central Highlands in Queensland, 9 km SE of Emerald at 287 Talafa  Rd.

 We aim to produce high quality and weed free lucerne, lab lab, rhodes grass hay and barley hay that is suitable for horse and cattle feed.  Weed & vendor declaration  forms can be provided.

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We aim to produce high quality hay. This is achieved through firstly growing a lush, leafy, weed free crop which we are able to do with irrigation & the Central Qld weather. Secondly, we try to cut our crops at the right stage when leaf is in abundance. Thirdly, being in the Central Highlands, where there is lots of sunlight, warm temperatures & low humidity, curing time is very short giving us less chance of nutrient loss out of the hay & weather damage. Fourthly, we aim to make firm, solid & tightly wrapped bales that weigh & won't fall apart when handled or transported.



Bale types

We mainly target the cattle & horse feed market. Most of the hay we produce can be safely fed to horses, thus it is also very good cattle feed. Only when the weather goes against us do we have lower grade feed, often this can be salvaged & is still quite good cattle feed. If it can't, it makes great mulch for the garden.

Since we cater for a range of uses we make a variety of bale types. Small square bales- these are easy to move around, store & great for hand feeding. The 4x4 round bales are more economical but often require a front end loader to handle. The large 3x3x8 square bales weigh in excess of 420kg so definitely need a loader to handle, these are the way to go if you have to freight a distance as you get more weight on per load.

advantage feeders

Emerald Hay is a distributor of Advantage Feeders which makes hay feeders & grain feeders. These are well made with high quality materials that should last along time. They are designed to cut down on the wastage of feed.